Anonymous: I know y'all working on that off white collection huh?

Without having the original print it’s hard for us to imitate it. The “used-look” is hard to determine from images as well as the printing method used.

Anonymous: Is there a package file with just the Pyrex logos on the front and Pyrex 23 on the back without the graphic design with the entombment of Christ?

Nope, the packages come as a whole

Anonymous: Do the printing instructions that you provide also include specific directions on where to place the prints on the garment?

Yes, everything is documented!

Anonymous: How do you know what the "original Pyrex Vision printing methods" are?

We were fortunate enough to be close to a store that carried the collection. Also a couple friends bought the garments so we could expect them.

guapcity: have you thought about making files for LPD's team shirts?


sofatheconqueror: What website or place should I go to get these specific measurements made or printed

A file is located within the purchased packages

Anonymous: Are you guys planning on carrying the V-23 design?

Nope. Please check the FAQ.

Anonymous: What printing method do you recommend for the shorts?

Screenprinting works the best and guarantees that you get the mesh holes to show